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The Team

Management team
María Landa Buil
PhD in Applied linguistics (Second Language Acquisition), Instituto Universitario Ortega y Gasset attached to the Complutense University of Madrid and BA in Hispanic Philology, University of Zaragoza.
Collaborator of the Language Acquisition Research Laboratory of the University of Ottawa, Canada
2008-2015 Coordinator and lecturer, Spanish, Centre for Language Learning, University of the West Indies, Trinidad and Tobago.
2005-2007 Lectora AECID, State University of Zanzibar, Tanzania.
2002-2005 Lectora AECID, University of the West Indies, Barbados.
Jairo Sánchez Galvis
Head of Studies
Lecturer and coordinator of Spanish at the University of the West Indies, currently on sabbatical, he combines his role at the ELE USAL with his work as visiting lecturer at the University of Barcelona.
PhD in English Philology, UNED, Postgraduate Specialization in Translation and BA in Philology and Languages, National University of Colombia.
2007-2015 Coordinator and Lecturer, BA in Spanish, University of the West Indies, Trinidad and Tobago.
2005-2007 Visiting Scholar, State University of Zanzibar, Tanzania.
2002-2005 Assistant Lecturer, University of the West Indies, Barbados
2000-2002 Lecturer, National University of Colombia.

Academic team
Ainhoa Bestué Ruiz
International relations and academic support
2010-2013 Lecturer, Spanish, Centre for Languages, University of Vienna, Austria.
2010-2013 Spanish language teacher, HAK Oberpullendorf Pannonian Bussiness High School, Oberpullendorf, Austria
2009-2011 Master specialization in Spanish as a second language teaching, University of Barcelona
2008-2012 Spanish language teacher, Instituto Cervantes, Vienna, Austria.
1999-2005 Degree in Translation and Interpreting, Pompeu Fabra University, Barcelona
After 9 years living and working as a Spanish teacher in very different contexts in Vienna (Austria), she offers now her long experience to the USAL school. Meanwhile she is the author of some Spanish Language materials for students.
Anna Cristina Donés Alós
Administrative Assistant
2014-2015 Coordinator for the U20 Programme in Sprachcaffe Malta.
2015 Team Leader for the U20 Programme in Sprachcaffe Brighton.
2010-2016 BA in Translation and Interpreting. Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona.
2011-2012 Korean Language Studies.in Pukyong University in Busan, South Korea.
Irina Ruíz Martínez
Teacher and Marketing and Human Resources assitant
2016 - DELE Examiner levels A/B/C, Instituto Cervantes.
2013-2014 – Spanish Teacher as a foreign Language. Universitat de Barcelona.
2007-2010 – Communication and Public Relations. Universitat Oberta de Barcelona.
2002-2006 - Laboral Law. Universitat de Barcelona.
After her time as a project manager and copywriter in numerous companies, she found her passion for teaching Spanish as a Foreign Language. She continued teaching in Florence, Italy for a short period until she joined the team at ELE USAL Barcelona, eager to teach and learn something new every day.
Yaiza Amorós Moreno
2017 DELE examiner, levels A, B and A2/B1 for young learners, Instituto Cervantes.
2017 DELE examiner ‘Written production and interaction’ (all levels), Instituto Cervantes.
2016 - 2017 Spanish teacher in the PUNTAL project, University of Salamanca.
2016 - 2017 Master specialization in Spanish as a Foreign Language, University of Salamanca.
2012 – 2016 Degree in Spanish: language and literature, University of Castilla La Mancha.